10 Reasons Why You’re Awesome

Hey you. You’re freaking awesome. I’m going to tell you why now.

1. Because of Your Awesome Face


Have you seen your face? It’s totally awesome and totally you. You are the only person with your face. Unless you have a twin, but chances are you and your twin both have awesome faces.

2. Because of Your Awesome Interests


You like to dance? That is so awesome. Do you play golf? That’s literally the definition of awesome. Your collective set of interests are plain old awesome sauce.

3. Because of Your Awesome Style


Woa there good lookin’! You are rockin’ that style like no other. Seriously – it’s awesome. The way you put that all together is a gem, a pure gem. I bet you feel fab in it, and you should, because it’s awesome.

4. Because of Your Awesome Voice


Did I just hear an angel sing? No wait – it was just you talkin’ that talk. It’s so awesome how your mouth makes those sounds. Keep having that voice of yours, because let me tell you, it’s awesome.

5. Because of Your Awesome Hairdo


Did Kylie Jenner just walk in the room sporting a $20,000 wig? No, she didn’t. But that’s how awesome your hair looks. Did you just roll outta bed? Couldn’t tell because of the pure awesomeness that radiates around your hair like a bright, shimmering halo. You keep doing your awesome do.

6. Because of Your Awesome Sense of Humor


Do you ever notice how when you tell a joke it’s always super funny to you? Well, that’s because your sense of humor is awesome. Who needs to watch Kevin Hart stand-up videos on repeat when you can just crack jokes to yourself on the low? Haha, you crack me up. And yourself up. You’re so funny and awesome.

7. Because of Your Awesome Brain


Wow, your thoughts are so… how do you say it? Awesome. Seriously, have you ever noticed that you are the only person with your exact stream of thoughts in the exact order and manner that they come in? How awesome is that! Give your brain a pat on the back for being so awesome.

8. Because of Your Awesome Vocabulary


Your words are like poetry – in other words, they’re awesome. This is also a partial reference to how awesome I mentioned your brain and your voice are earlier, because your brain makes up your awesome words and your voice says them. Just don’t stop saying words because they’re really awesome.

9. Because of Your Awesome Body


Have you ever noticed how your body does things? Like, moves around and stuff? And picks things up? And gets you up every morning no matter how comfy your goose down feather comforter is? That’s really awesome.

10. Because of Your Awesome Laugh


Oh em gee please do that again. Your laugh is so joyous and soothing, like a dozen kitties simultaneously purring. Your laugh means you’re happy and happiness is awesome.

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