5 Beauty Brands Good for you and the Earth

Looking good doesn’t have to be bad for you – or for the environment. If you’ve ever done research on what makes up some of the most popular beauty products, you might be surprised to know that animal byproducts are a common ingredient. Animal testing is also the norm. Any of you who are regular readers of my blog or just know me on a personal level may remember my fail at becoming a vegetarian. While I admit the lifestyle change is tough, there are smaller, easier changes you can make to be more environmentally conscious. Below are a list of five beauty brands to get on your radar this season. Not only are they kind to animals, but they’ll make you look glam AF.

1. Lush Cosmetics


Lush Cosmetics is a full-line cosmetics company with shower, makeup and perfume products. My personal favorite is their deliciously scented soap bars. Not only do they come in cool names like Sea Vegetable and Baked Alaska, but they leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh as can be.

2. e.l.f. Cosmetics


e.l.f. Cosmetics, short for eyes, lips, face, is a drugstore makeup brand with high-end quality. The one downfall is the packaging – don’t be surprised if your lipstick cap falls off within a day’s use. The formulas however are excellent, and 100% vegetarian. My favorite product is their High Definition Powder. It keeps your makeup in place all day and is available at your local CVS for only $6.

3. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is a high-end cosmetics line with all the edge of Urban Decay and twice the color options. The brand is known for it’s line of Lip Tar, a high-pigment lipstick that lasts for hours. Their variety of shades make them a shoo-in for Halloween looks this month.

4. Indie Lee


Whether you are looking to transition to all-natural beauty products or you’re a seasoned vet in the eco space, Indie Lee’s creatively curated line of eco-chic skincare and body care products cover all of the bases. Each product is packed with powerhouse ingredients like olive-derived Squalane, Strawberry Extract (and yes, it smells like strawberry shortcake) and anti-aging game-changing Swiss Apple Stem Cells. And with sleek & chic packaging, they’re definitely a bathroom vanity favorite.

5. Olivine Atelier


Olivine Atelier is a perfume line with the most beautiful motto: “that SELF LOVE is the way to absolute happiness.  If you are madly in love with yourself then you can do anything and be anything.” Not only is the brand inspiring as hell, but it makes products that will make you feel like the natural beauty you are.  Love + Salt is a vegan mist that gives your hair that straight-from-the-beach look. It even doubles as a hydration spray you can spritz all over your body for beautifully moisturized skin thanks to good hydrating salts like Himalayan Pink Salt. At $26, the multitasking spray is a bargain.

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