Edgy Thigh High Boots

Nothing says you’re a bad b**ch like a pair of black, thigh high boots. This pair from AMI Clubwear is comfortable, flattering and comes at a great price. I paired them with different jackets to create two unique looks – both glam in their own rights.



For this look, I paired a faux suede A-line skirt with an oversized, tucked in white T-shirt (literally grabbed from my dad’s closet). The jacket has a varsity feel to it, so I decided to go with that vibe and accessorize the outfit with a New Orleans Saints beanie.

Beanie: NFL Shop $15
White T: Target $14 (for 6!)
Jacket: AMI Clubwear sale $12
Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar $28)
Boots: AMI Clubwear sale $30



I had some fun here with this long, mesh cardigan. This piece is great because it can used in a ton of ways. I chose to layer it over a classic white T and jeans outfit. I’m thinking it would also make a great cover-up or addition to a dramatic costume.

Jeans: Pac Sun $55
Long Cardigan: AMI Clubwear sale $14

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