Starry, Starry Tops


On a whim, I recently chopped off what was easily seven inches of my hair – *GASP*! While it was a little shocking to part ways with my always long locks, my collarbone length do has inspired me to try some fun new style choices to match my new aesthetic.

This was my Christmas day look this week. I styled my hair with some sea salt spray and parted it down the middle for that grungy 90s look.

I recently bought this simple, cutoff star top from Poshmark and I love it. Stars are a classic pattern that I’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and they can be worn in so many different ways. I paired it with my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and these new platform sneakers. This look was fun and youthful, two qualities I’ll be basing most of my style choices around come 2017.



Top: Victoria’s Secret Pink (Similar $18)
Boyfriend Jeans: Target (Similar $40)
Sneakers: Steve Madden (Similar $36)

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