7 Ways to Say Yes to Less Stress in 2017


“Getting rid of stress is not that hard to do,” says Santa Barbara-based natural health specialist Dr. Kathy Gruver. “You can choose your response to stress.  You can learn to let it go.”

Dr. Gruver, author of Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques, says, “We can’t control what is outside of us.  What we can do is change what we think and what we do with our bodies. The choices we make determine the outcome. By choosing wisely, we can be healthier, stronger and lead less stressful lives.”

“We have to realize that stress is not really the problem; it’s our reaction to it,” says Dr. Gruver. “As soon as we learn to control our reaction, the stress isn’t as detrimental to us.  We create our own stress with thoughts. We think about 60,000 thoughts a day and 50,000 are negative.  Our brain can’t tell the difference between what we’re thinking about and what is really happening; this is why we have to be very careful what we’re daydreaming and fantasizing about.”

Here is a sample of just some of the numerous mind/body techniques she describes to reduce and control stress and start 2017 on a positive note:

1. Control your Reaction to Stress

You have the power. You have to choose to exercise it. Realize that stress is not the problem. Our reaction to stress is the problem. Learn what you need to do to control your reaction. As soon as you gain control, stress is no longer detrimental.

2. Out with the Bad and in with the Good. Say No to Negatives

Don’t create your own stress. Push the negative thoughts away. Always have a list of good, positive ideas, pictures, and things you love nearby. Whenever a negative though comes up, choose to push it away and choose to focus on the good and the positive. So, rather than saying “I’m not getting sick,” say, “I am healthy and well.” This boosts the immune system and stops the cycle of negative thinking.

3. Direct your Daydreams

Take control of your mind and body. Focus on the things you want to see happen in your life. If you find your mind wandering, acknowledge it, and then push it away. Focus on what YOU want it to focus on instead. Visualize actively. Draw, doodle, write poems, do whatever turns you on and helps you turn your ideas into plans, plans into actions, actions into reality. Change your life and your health for the better.

4. Take Baby Steps! Get Healthier Slowly and Steadily

Use the healthy activities that you already do in your life as a mind/body practice. Things like yoga, tai chi, massage, running, dance can all be used as a meditation.

5. Do Mini-Meditations Several Times a Day

Think you’re too Type A to mediate? You can now. There are simple mini-meditations that take just a few minutes to learn and can be done anywhere. They erase the stress response and help return our stress hormones and chemicals to normal.

6. Pay Attention to What your Body is Telling You

Often, the body parts that are misbehaving are hinting at our stress. Do you feel like your hands are full and then develop carpal tunnel? Who is the pain in your neck? Are you shouldering the burden or feeling like you can’t stomach something? Observing these common phrases can be the key to identifying and releasing our stress.

7. Don’t Reward Yourself for Bad Behavior

When you are sick, don’t languish and enjoy being in bed any more than necessary. Don’t soak up the attention and consolation people give you for mistakes, painful experiences, or unforeseen accidents and illness any more than necessary to get back on your feet. There are better ways to get love and attention. Choose health!

Conquer Your Stress with Mind/Body Techniques discusses the history of the stress response and how it affects us today. The book contains practical tips for decreasing the body’s reaction to stress and offers simple techniques to increase your health by lessening your tension. The book is a treasure trove of easy methods that can be done at home or in the office and gives a multitude of choices of professional therapies you can incorporate into your life.

For more information visit www.thealternativemedicinecabinet.com

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