Vegas in January – Day and Night Looks


This past weekend, I went to Las Vegas with a few of my closest friends to celebrate us collectively turning 24 – the perks of sharing a birth month with half of your closest friends. We figured there would be no better place to celebrate the occasion than Disneyland for adults, and we were right.

The weekend was a blast, further proven by my yet-to-be-complete recovery. The weather was also chilly enough that we got to try out a few different, layered outfits throughout our stay. Below are some of my favorite looks from the weekend, all featuring styles you can cop for a bustling, weekend vacation.

For night time, we opted for bright, sparkly dresses – classic “it’s my birthday and I’m in Vegas” attire. The above dresses, from left to right, are Tobi ($25) and Parker ($286). I was able to snag mine for the weekend from Rent the Runway for a breezy $40!



Hat: Polo Ralph Lauren $40
Sunglasses: Ray Ban (Similar $185)
Jacket: Vintage (Similar $58)
T Shirt: Forever 21 (Similar $13)
Leggings: Forever 21 $4
Sneakers: Nike (Similar $60)


Hat: Forever 21 (Similar $25)
Choker: Sarah and Sara $6
Necklace: Boutique (Similar $49)
Crop Top: Vintage (Similar $25)
Jacket: Express (Similar sale $30)
Skirt: Forever 21 $13
Purse: Sarah and Sara $32
Combat Boots: Kohls (Similar $80)




Dress: Express sale $30
Jacket: Vintage (Similar $50)
Purse: Coach (Similar $148)
Boots: Macy’s (Similar $20)



Dress: Dress the Population $225 (Rented for $35)

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