White and Denim


Although black on black is the most universally accepted wardrobe color combo, I’m personally a bigger fan of white on white. Not only does the combination make for a bold statement, but it will definitely make that summer tan you’ve been working on pop.

For this look, I decided to wear my favorite white, ripped jeans (again) with a dainty little ribbed top I snagged a year ago at PacSun. I layered the outfit with a button-down denim top, purchased at… Walmart. Yup, that’s right.

I’ve discovered that the best stores to shop for layering pieces like this denim shirt are the last places you’d expect. I purchased my favorite flannel from Plato’s Closet a few year’s back, and a delicious oversized denim jacket recently on Poshmark (featured here). Because layering pieces are oversized and baggy, going for a worn or raggedy piece is really the way to go.

To complete my white on white look, I threw on a pair of nude, lace-up heels and a muted brown Michael Kors bag. My favorite gold choker and name necklace add my essential dose of bling to the look.








Top: PacSun (Similar $11)
Denim Button-Down: Walmart (Similar $18)
Jeans: Hollister $25
Shoes: Restricted (Similar $50)
Purse: Michael Kors (Gently Worn $66)
Choker: Claire’s $13
Name Necklace: Etsy $31

Photography by @emmadelrayphoto

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