Adventure Approved Overalls, Backpack Purses and Sneakers


Summertime in Miami is synonymous with cutoffs and sleeveless tops. For this look, I decided to take the trend a step further and pair a Free People bodysuit with cutoff overalls. Overalls are one of my favorite trends this season – they bring back a childhood nostalgia that I love.

I completed the look with a pair of Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers with a green detail (to match the bodysuit), and a Kate Spade backpack purse. This was my first time giving the backpack purse trend a go and it was a total game-changer. I pretty much bring a purse wherever I go, so having both of my hands free is totally foreign for me… I really enjoyed the improved mobility. Overall, this look is perfect for when you’ve got places to go and people to see and don’t need any uncomfortable accessories holding you back.







Bodysuit: Free People $30
Overalls: Union Bay (Similar $60)
Sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith $60
Backpack Purse: Kate Spade $280

Photography by @emmadelrayphoto

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