3 Food & Drink Spots in Downtown Doral to Try

Fellow foodies (and drinkies): I have the scoop on three spots in Downtown Doral where you can satisfy your craving for Peruvian tapas, decadent wine, and icy desserts.


The first stop on our food tour is Pisco y Nazca, where you can enjoy a beautiful, rustic ambience and a diverse South American-inspired menu. Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar adds a modern twist to traditional Peruvian cuisine. Inspired by Peru’s top ceviche eateries, this new Miami restaurant serves up bold-flavored dishes, unique cocktails and a vast selection of local and international beers.


I decided to try one of my personal favorite South American dishes, “Tequeños,” which are fried, breaded cheese sticks. Pisco y Nazca’s tequeños are served with gouda cheese, rocoto aioli, and Peruvian sweet & sour sauce. They were nothing short of delicious.


To drink, I tried one of the restaurants signature cocktails, the “Pisco Sour,” a yummy concoction consisting of Pisco Cuatro Gallos, fresh lime juice, sugar, and pasteurized egg whites. The drink definitely added a little zing to my meal.


Next on my Downtown Doral Tour is Mega Premium Wine & Spirits, a high-end liquor store featuring a vast varieties of aged wines and spirits. I was lucky enough to visit the store during a tasting, giving me the opportunity try out a few different wines.





I’m usually a “red wine or white wine” girl, hardly being able to tell the difference between different brands and flavors. But during this tasting, I was able to pick out some of my favorites among the wide variety of options at Mega Premium Wine & Spirits. The best wine of the day was the Antonio Mas Cabernet Sauvignon, a ripe and tasty red wine. The wine has a berry flavor along with notes of prune, cola and spice. Its a bit on the soft side, which is just what I like in a red wine.

The last stop on my food tour is Freddo, an Argentine gelato company. Walking into the shop, I was overwhelmed by a sweet, vanilla scent, which inspired me to order the “Creamy Vanilla Bean Helado.”


The gelato is soft and light, but SO flavorful! I’m not one to get too crazy or experimental when it comes to dessert flavors, so this classic choice was perfect for me.


With just three stops, I was able to try a diverse array of drinks and treats, all in one convenient location. Downtown Doral is a mixed-use community that offers a live, work, play, and learn environment all in one: walk to brunch, dine like a foodie, meet with friends, admire art, feel the pulse of city life – and savor the pleasures.

For more of Downtown Doral’s offerings, check them out on social:

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