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  • 19.01.2018
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Ross lynch having sex fake photo

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Zolole | 22.01.2018
if you love someone, regardless of being a man or woman, that is a good ideal--to be a good person--but in a healthy way. That can become a self worth trap if that person twists that to making you feel unworthy in a manipulative way. You need to also be able to say "You know, I am good enough--maybe the problem is them"--and be accurate about it.
Mesho | 26.01.2018
Who the hell leaves a baby in a car 15 hours? Honestly my wife would have put me outside before she would have let the kids stay out in a car like that
Togore | 22.01.2018
For some it could be to boost their ego .but that is only if you cared about the guy .
Tygot | 22.01.2018
I'd love to walk into any room and find this going on!
Faegrel | 27.01.2018
and it's well worth it. It's also less than what the invaders would cost us tax payers if they come on over lol anyone remember that old kids game of Red Rover Red Rover let name of a player come over and they had to try and bust through your side or am I going to far back

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