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  • 26.06.2017
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Nazuru | 30.06.2017
What is life, but a manifestation of sorrow and despair? I have particularly good grades at school, but how does that matter to me if I am depressed and unhappy with my existence? Life has not been kind to me, so I just soak in my depression and pretend to be chill and somewhat cool, hiding bad feelings thru memes. I am not even on this site to see porno, but to view comments on favored movies. I know this is a truly lengthy comment that is bad but I have to express myself somewhere.
Bakora | 03.07.2017
I have spent four days scouring the city for a flip phone. The only ones are prepaid. What about crotchety stepfathers and klutzy people? Both seem like a decent sized demographic, and if the flip phone is not exactly doing anything for profits, surely bored family members buying accessories or upgrading their own phones help. :/
Sakus | 30.06.2017
Anyone know where 12:17 is from?
Nagul | 02.07.2017
slm khobi shomarata midi

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